Kahathuduwa Interchange, Southern Expressway

When you start the your southern expressway journey from Kottawa, Kahathuwawa is the first exit/entry point you will reach.

Cities Close by:
Kesbewa - 5.8 km
Kahathuduwa – close by
Piliyandala – 8 km
Gonapola - close by
Horana - 2.2 km
Bus routes:
Horana – Colombo ( route no 120 ) and Horana – Piliyandala

Nearest Hopsital:
Horana base hospital -contact number 034 2 261 251

Nearest police station:
Kahathuduwa police station

Kahathuduwa Interchange Area Map

Distance between Kahathuduwa and other interchanges

Following table displays the distance (km) from Kahathuduwa entry point to other exit points in Southern Expressway and Outer Circular expressways. The complete matrix of distance is available in our Southern Expressway page.

E02 Kadawatha 24.8
E02 Kaduwela 17.8
E02 Kothalawala 15.6
E02 Athurugiriya 11
E01 Kottawa 5.9
E01 Gelanigama 7.8
E01 Dodangoda 28.9
E01 Welipenna 40.1
E01 Kurudugahahethekma 61.7
E01 Baddegama 73.9
E01 Pinnaduwa 89.4
E01 Imaduwa 101.6
E01 Kokmaduwa 109.3
E01 Godagama 120.2

Expressway fare from Kahathuduwa

Following chat show the Expressway toll charges (Rs) from Kahathuduwa to other interchanges. Please note that these rates are applicable only for category 1 vehicles ( Cars, Jeeps, Station Wagons, Single and Double cabs, Passenger vans-up to 9 seats).

E02 Kadawatha 200
E02 Kaduwela 150
E02 Kothalawala 150
E02 Athurugiriya 150
E01 Kottawa 100
E01 Gelanigama 100
E01 Dodangoda 150
E01 Welipenna 200
E01 Kurudugahahethekma 250
E01 Baddegama 300
E01 Pinnaduwa 350
E01 Imaduwa 400
E01 Kokmaduwa 450
E01 Godagama 500

For the complete and most updated sothern expressway rates are available in http://www.exway.rda.gov.lk

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