Badulla District, Sri Lanka

Badulla District Badulla District belong to the Hill country of Sri Lanka and rich with many tourist and religious attractions for both local and foreign Visitors. Number of famous waterfalls such as Babarakands; the highest in Sri Lanka add colors to its natural beauty. The sacred Muthyangana Rajamaha Vihara, located in Badulla Town is one of the prominent Buddhist attraction in the region.

The District of Badulla governs under Uva Province of Sri Lanka. This district extent over 2861 square km( 2866100 Hectares) of land and according to 2011 statistics, the population of Badulla District is 886,000. Badulla is an agricultural district and tea is the main commercial crop. You can see many cascading tea gardens by the roadside. Paddy and vegetables also cultivated in large scale.

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In our humble opinion, the perfect place to find some is Badulla District, Sri Lanka. Badulla is the Uva province's capital in Sri Lanka, located at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level. The province of Uva itself is a very picturesque land, the views of which are breathtaking.

Surrounded on all sides by the Badulu Oya River and mountains, the city of Badulla is famous for its unique microclimate. It is also called "Badulla's blanket".

The air here is very humid, and dense fogs constantly hang over the mountains. At the same time, the air temperature, compared to the coast of Sri Lanka or the Cultural Triangle, is more comfortable and not as cold as in other cities in the mountainous region.

All in all, the experts promise that in Badulla you can enjoy your time and relax.

However, our main goal here is to meet Vietnamese ladies. We propose to look for them while going sightseeing.

Must say right away that there are actually not so many attractions in Badulla. However, there is a lot to see for curious tourists.

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The top 3 best places to visit in Badulla are as follows:

  1. First of all, Badulla is famous for the Hindu temple of Kataragama Devale, located in the center of the city. This temple is distinguished by skillful stone carving. Inside, you can find Kandyan murals, as well as statues of Vishnu and Samana.
  2. In the south of the city, there is a Buddhist temple of Muthiyangana Viharaya, built during the time of the first Sri Lankan king (in the 3rd century BC). The clavicle of the Buddha is kept there. The temple looks modern, and only a bell-shaped stupa remains from the ancient buildings.
  3. Wooden bridge in the village of Bogoda, 13 km west of Badulla. This is a unique building for Sri Lanka, preserved from the times of the Kandyan kingdom. It is a 12th century covered bridge and was last restored in the 18th century. 

Believe us, all of these sights are well-worth visiting. Isn't it a perfect idea for a Sri Lankan date?

Sorabora wewa

Sorabora wewa

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Dova Rock Temple

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Nine Arches Bridge

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