Diyaluma Falls , Sri Lanka

Diyaluma is Sri lanka's third highest water fall. This fall can be easily spotted when you are traveling on A4 route ( Koslande - Welawaya road ), 6 km away from Koslanda town.

Diyaluma Waterfall
Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma water fall has a height of 171m. Real beauty of this waterfall can be seen during the rainy season. That time, a trunk of water fall directly to bottom from top without any cascading. But during the dry season, this becomes a fairly thin.

Diyaluma Waterfall
Diyaluma Waterfall

If you climb up bit, you can see few natural pools, which make safe to have a bath. There is a path to go to the summit of the cliff, where the fall Diyaluma falling, but better to reach that with the guidance of an experience person.

Small viewing area was constructed by the Diyaluma Falls bridge, so you can park your vehicle and relax for a while.

Diyaluma Waterfall Visitors
Some Visitors to see Diyaluma Waterfall

Koslanda - Wellawaya road

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Diyaluma Waterfall

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