Demodara Nine Arches Bridge

The Demodara nine arch railway bridge is located between Demodara and Ella railway stations. Specialty of this bridge is that, it’s constructed with stones, bricks and cement, but without any steel.

Construction of this bridge was started during the first world war time and British government was not in a position to provide the required steel supply for the constructions. So the construction was delayed and a local resident call Mr. P.K. Appuhamy came up with the plan of building with only bricks, stones and cement. He got the approval and support from the British engineers and today you can see the results of his team’s effort.
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Demodara Nine Arches Bridge
Demodara Nine Arches Bridge ( Image courtesy of Dr. Manodha Gamage )

Demodara Nine Arches Bridge is the most the popular Sri Lankan railway bridge among photographers. They can get amazing views of this bridge from different angles. Tourists who come to the Badulla/ Bandarawela area, include this nine arch bridge as a must visit attraction. Some used to visit this place when train is scheduled to passing by, so they can see the training coming through the tunnerl and moving over the bridge.

If you want to find a correct time, when the a train is scheduled to travel over the bridge, best way is contacting the Ella or Demodara railway stations. Contact numbers are as follows;
Elle railway station contact number : 057-2228571
Demodara railway station contact number : 055-2294171

Demodara Nine Arches Bridge
Demodara Nine Arches Bridge ( Image courtesy of Dr. Manodha Gamage )

Facts & Information:
Year of construction completed : 1921
Length : 300 feet
width : 25 feet
height: 80 ft

Location Map :

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