Lotus Tower (Nelum Kuluna)

Colombo Lotus tower is a 350 m high tower, will be the tallest in the region once its construction completed. This will be multifunctional telecommunication tower and entertainment center and occupy total area of 3 acres of land in Beira wewa water front.

Lotus Tower
Lotus Tower (under construction - as on August 2014)

The name Nelum Kuluna ( Lotus Tower) was given because the design was inspired with blooming Nelum (Lotus) flower. This tower will consist of following main sections.

Tower podium:
This will house exhibition space, telecom museum, food court and other offices and facilities. This is will be 15 m in height.

Tower shaft:
This section 200 m in height and consist of high speed lifts and stairs.

Tower head:
This will be 33m in height and will be consists of 8 floors. This section includes observation deck, revolving restaurant, a banquet hall. A super luxury hotel will occupy two floor of this section.

The mast:
The tower mast will consist of TV, FM and other telecommunication antennas

Lotus Tower
Colombo Lotus Tower as seen over the floating market

Lotus Tower
Construction started again after months of delay. Picture taken in April 2016

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