Colombo Fort Clock Tower ( Colombo Old Lighthouse)

Colombo fort clock tower is another colonial land mark located in the city center. This tower initially used as light house, but no longer in operation.

This clock tower is located the point where Chatham street and Janadipathi mawatha joins. One may wonder why a light house was erected in the middle of the town. But actually there were no any taller building in the area at that time.

Colombo  Fort  Clock Tower ( Colombo old light house)

One specialty of this tower was, its design was done by Mrs. Emily Elizabeth Ward, the wife of Sir Henry George Ward, who was the governor of Sri Lanka at that time ( The Colombo Ward Place was named after him). Construction of this tower completed in year 1857. The lanterns were installed and commissioned as a light house in year 1865. According to the historical records, the first clock of this tower was made by same people who manufactured famous Beg Ben.

With the construction of the taller buildings in the neighborhood, the light obscured . That results it’s no longer able to serve its purpose. So the light house was completely switched off in July 1952. The new Colombo light house was established by the marine drive(Gal Bokka). May be in future, this this new light house also becomes obsolete with the constrains of Colombo port city.

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