Attanagalla Rajamaha Viharaya

Almost all the Sri Lankan Buddhist may have heard about the Siri Sagabo story. Many people believe that this temple was built in the site, where Siri Sangabidhi, himself separated the head and offered it to the peasant. You can see a monument built to commemorate the king Sir Sangbodhi and his sacrifice of his head. But some archeologists argue that this is not the place, its Hatthikuchchi temple in Anuradapura District.

It’s believed that this temple was constructed by King Gotabhaya during 249-262 AD and followed by king Upatissa 365-406 AD.

Attanagalla Rajamaha vishara has one of the most important archeological site in Sri Lanka, that is its Vatadageya. This is the only remaining Vadtagaya in Sri Lanka and rest of others are seen as almost ruins. Attanagalla Rajamaha vishara Vatadageya is currently maintain and conserved by archeological department of Sri Lanka.

In recent past, a Bbhikku training center was established in this temple.

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