Horagolla National Park

If you live in Colombo and want to reach a national park within a shorted distance, Horagolla park is the first choice. This is the latest addition to the Sri Lankan National Park family. This area is named as wildlife sanctuary in year 1973 and elevated as a national park in year 2004. This park expands approximately 13.36 hectares of area and under department of wild life conservation. More than animals, this is a place to visit and observer wide verities of trees and vegetation.

Directions to Horagolla National Park: Horagolla national park is located close to Horagolla Walauwa. If you are coming by the Kandy road, you need to take a turn from the Nittabuwa junction and travel towards Weyangoda. Then take the left turn towards Pinnagolla Road. Need to travel around 600m from Pinnagolla Junction.

Horagolla park belongs to wet zone and get annual rainfall of 2000-2500 mm. Average temperature float around 28.5 C. You can many low country wet zone fauna and flora in this park. You can see many Hora (Dipterocarpus zeylanicus) in this park. According to the records, there are 10 type of mammals, 64 types of birds, seven type of fish and 28 verities of butterflies can be found in this park. The Horagolla Lake located by this park.

The paths inside the park are well paved and you can walk without much difficulty. But need to check for snakes and other reptiles, because this is their territory. In one section of this park you can see some injured animals getting treated.

Horagolla National Park
Horagolla National Park

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