Hambanthota District, Sri Lanka

Hambanthota District Hanbanthota district is located in south eastern province in Sri Lanka and occupies an area of 2600 sq km.
This district of Hambanthota located nearly 250 km away from Colombo. It can be reach mainly from A2 coastal highway or other routes which flows through the country side. Plans are underway to extend the southern expressway to from Matara to Hambanthota. So that makes more quick and easy accessibility. The completion of ongoing Matara Kataragama railway line, Hambantho will be connected to Sri Lankan railway network.

The name "Hambanthota" derived with the combination of two Sinhalese words , "Hamban" and "Thota". The name "Hamban" is used to call for a types of sailing crafts. The meaning of "thota" is port. Early days, this city was used as a port and there were lots of "Hamnan" sea craft arrive here for trade.

District oif Hambanthota has for many religious, cultural and wildlife attractions in Sri Lanka. Yala National park, Katharagama Devalaya and Mirijjawila Botanical Garden are some of them. This district has some unique geographical creations, which re not so common in other part of Sri Lanka. The Ussangoda park, Blow-Hole in Tangalle and Sooriyawewa- Madunagala hot water springs are some of them.

Until last decade , Hambanthota was a neglected city and not much development happened when compare with the other districts. But with the opening of Hambanthota Port and other development activities, this city became hot topic in most of the business forums. Recently Shangila hotel chain has opened their newest hotel in Hambanthota.

Yatala Viharaya

Yatala Viharaya

Yatala Wehera also known as "Mani Chethiya" or "tooth relic shrine" in some of the historical records.
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Yala National Park

Yala is famous for leopards and this park is considered as the place where you can spot highest density of leopards in the world.
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Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya

Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya

Kirinda temple is located on a summit of a rocky mountain, just next to the southern coast
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Bataatha Agro Technology Park

Bataatha Agro Technology Park

Bataatha Agro Technology park was setup to transfer the technology knowledge to farmer.
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Thissamaharama Temple

The Thissmaharama Stupa is the most highly sacred Buddhist attraction in the area.
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Thissa Wewa

Tissa wewa is the main water sources for the paddy cultivation in Thissmaharama
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