Historical Facts about Hambanthota

Hamanthota belongs to formally known Magampura city. This city was a part of the of the great southern Ruhunu Kingdom in Sri Lanka.

According to the historical facts, the “prince Mahanama", brother of king Devanampiya tissa started civilization of the area during year 200 BC.

The name "Hambanthota" derived with the combination of two Sinhalese words . "Hamban" mean some types sailing craft and "Thota" means the port. At the ancient times, the famous "Godawaya" port also located near to Hambanthota city. This if one of the prominent port at those era,. Godawaya connected Sri Lanka with International trading partners. According to some historical facts, there are many trade relationship with eastern countries and chine and Siam traders used to some here. So human settling was started around this harbor.

During the Dutch and British period, this was considered as the important defense point. Early days, Kandian kingdom got salt from Hambanthta salt pans and Dutch rulers used to block that when the relationship with Kandian king under tension. British rulers also used Hambanthota as a port and setup a district administration office in the city.

Early days, Hambantha Ruhunu kingdom was a prominent center for Buddhism in Sri Lanka. There are many historical temples and ancient ruins are scattered around this district.

History of Hambanthota traces back even to King Ravana era. According to some believes , Ussangoda national park with the unusual geographical features is was the palace used by king Ravana to land his air craft, Danu monaraya.

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