Devon Falls, Sri Lanka

Devon falls is located in A7 highway, between Thalawakele and Hatton. This fall can be seen easily from the main road. There is a special view point establish by the main road, you can park your vehicle, stay some time enjoy the view of the fall and surrounding. The famous Mlesna Tea Castle is located just close to Devon fall view point, so you can visit and sip a hot cup of tea from there.

Devon Falls
Devon Falls

Devon Falls named after the British planter call "Devon", who was one of the pioneer in Coffee planter in Sri Lanka. Coffee is the first plantation introduced by the British to Sri Lanka, prior the tea, but ultimately failed.

The famous St. Clare waterfall also can be seen proximity. Unlike St. Clare, Devon fall starts as a narrow strip and turns wide when falling down. If you want to reach close to the fall, you can do so by walking through the tea plantation. If you are planning to stay close to Devon falls, there are several small hotels located close by.

Devon Falls
Devon Falls

Water level of this fall will be affected by the upper Kothmale Hydro Power project. But authorities have made some arrangements to provide continuous water supply to Devon to minimize the effect as far as possible.

Facts on Devon Falls
Height : 97 m
Watercourse : Kothmale Oya
Location: A7 Highway. 7km from Talawakele
Altitude: 1,140m above the sea level

Devon Falls Location Map:

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