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Following list contains the contact information of garages and vehicle break down services in Hingurakgoda , Kaduruwela, Polonnaruwa and Kanthale. Please note that our site doesn't have any special recommendations about any of these services. Our intension is to provide you contact information of motor mechanics available in the area when your vehicle needs emergency repair. Hope this information may helpful when you are in need road side assistance.

We keep on updating this list and you can also contribute. If you are a garage owner, feel free to add your establishment by submitting through below comments form.


Anura Motors
Address: Rest House Road, Hingurakgoda
Contact Number : 0779182791

Thilakasiri Motors
Address : Bogas Junction Hingurakgoda
Contact Number : (027) 224 6994

Suhada Motors
Address : Airport Rd Hingurakgoda
Contact Number : (027) 224 6368


Manjula Motors
Address: Batticalo Road, Bothaldeka Asala, Kaduruwela
Contact Number: 0774699799

Hingurakgoda Motors Address: Timber Co-operation Garden 9 Kaduruwela
Contact Number : (027) 222 3823


Kosala Motors
Address: Batticaloa Rd Polonnaruwa
Contact Number : (071) 645 1162

Inoka Motors
Address: New Town Rd Polonnaruwa
Contact Number : (027) 222 3197


Kalpana Service Centre
Address: 94 Yowun Mw Trincomalee Rd , Kanthale
Contact Number : (026) 223 4419

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